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Krav Maga Fit NOW Self Defense of Houston Texas - How would you like to be the FITTEST YOU'VE EVER BEEN? Can you see yourself with the ability and self-confidence to DEFEND YOUR LIFE and protect your family and friends?

Here at Krav Maga Fit Now of Houston, our self-defense instruction gives you a TOTAL TRAINING PHILOSOPHY focused on supplying you with the ability to defend against any assailant no matter how large, no matter how strong. These reliable, proven tactics give anyone the ability to stay safe no matter the size of the opponent!

Settle for nothing less than the techniques and training top security organizations trust!

On the streets, dangerous situations can develop quickly and chaotically. Krav Maga was invented to help members of the Israeli Defense Force, soldiers who put themselves in harm's way on a daily basis, survive those situations. Imagine putting the same demonstrated skills to work to protect you, your family and your friends!

Krav Maga Training in Houston TXPolice officers, Navy SEALS, the Central Intelligence Agency and Army Rangers all incorporate key components of Krav Maga into their own training regimens to boost them into FANTASTIC SHAPE and give them MAXIMUM EFFECTIVENESS! You'll get the same self-defense advantages, reach the same levels of high-intensity fitness and endurance!

At Krav Fit NOW of Houston our experienced, professional instructors teach moves designed to ward off punches, headlocks, chokes, kicks and other common street attacks. You'll learn how to deal with armed attackers and defend against weapons like pistols, knives and clubs. Never feel unsafe on the streets again!

You've ALWAYS WANTED these skills!

EFFECTIVE DEFENSE SKILL: Learn to defend yourself and your family quickly with moves and techniques designed to handle actual situations with polished skill and utter confidence.

: Learn real-world punching, kicking, kneeing and elbowing maneuvers and hone those skills to a razor's edge!

MAX PHYSICAL FITNESS: Our quick-paced, action-packed classes are a fantastic cardiovascular workout! Take off pounds and build endurance while you learn the proven techniques of Krav Maga, all while having fun!


What our Students Have to Say...

"I took classes at krav fit now off and on for two years. Mark is an excellent instructor. He is always learning and improving himself so that he can teach all the better! More importantly, the way he conducts himself and his classes, always striving for excellence, understanding limitations, but helping people to push past them, is the mark of a true teacher. Plus, he's just a really nice guy... A really nice guy who can kick butt!" - Will Doyle

Krav Maga Training in Houston TX"This is the best place in Houston to get fit and get a real physical challenge pushing to extreme limits....I personally have not found a better place than Krav Fit Now...this is extreme self defense workout in which you will be able to fight under any condition, bad or good... Want to be a real bad-ass!! With an amazing stamina.... Try will not regret it!!!!" - Roger Alfaro

"Great instructor. Offers intense cardio workouts and realistic self-defense training. You will get results. Definitely recommend to anyone wanting a boost to their workout and/or tips for defending yourself in today's world.  Kids' classes are also available." - Evelyn Ward

"Great place to improve fitness, build confidence and learn to defend yourself. The instructor is experienced and professional. He manages to effectively teach without the drill sergeant mentality. Krav Maga is a great real world self defense system and Krav Fit Now is a prefect place to learn it." - Jester Pizarras

"Fantastic classes and a great workout. My skills and physical health have massively improved since I've been working with Mark." - Tyler Cashman

"Best place to learn self defense and Mark is an excellent instructor. Knows his krav maga. Highly recommended to go try it for yourself in the new year." - Josue Alfaro

"Awesome! Classes are intense and fun, without sacrificing the good technique. The instructor is knowledgeable and really goes the extra mile in helping you to improve your movements. Classmates are friendly. It is a very nice environment overall. The installations are very good: clean, well kept, well-lit, showers with hot water and spacious. All of the equipment is in very good condition, replaced quickly if damaged, and clean. Last but not least, all of the techniques are readily applicable out there on the street. Krav Maga is really no-nonsense and realistic. I highly recommend this place!" - Mijael Martinez

Krav Maga"One of the best things I’ve ever done was attend a Krav Maga class at Krav Fit Now. That was seven months ago. In that time I've lost 18 pounds and two pant sizes, and while that is a very big deal to a woman, what I’ve gained is even better. I've gained a confidence I’ve never had, energy I never would have imagined, and a vitality that transfers to every aspect of my life. I have absolutely learned to confidently defend myself and others, but I’ve also learned that age is not an obstacle. This school has changed me and my life and it’s all thanks to the instructor, Mark Dong. Mark is an amazing instructor. He always makes class interesting and fun and he knows how to get through to each student as an individual to help them really perfect the techniques. I just can’t say enough about this school. I started with Krav Maga and I’m now taking a Combatives class and will probably start CrossFit soon. Oh, and my husband and daughter attend now too! This is a great experience at a great price." - Tina Vargas

"This class may have saved my wife's life. She had been attending Krav Maga classes at Krav Fit Now for a few months when she was attacked in a parking lot. She used the techniques she learned here and was able to get away from the assailant quickly and without injury. She got away and the bad guy got nothing. I would recommend this place to any woman, regardless of age. At some point you're going to be alone and you never know what could happen. It pays to be prepared!" - Rhonnie Acy

You'll Love Our Staff!

Our instructors are professionally trained and absolutely motivated to help you reach your goal, and it shows! Their passion is impressive and contagious! Your safety comes first with the staff at Krav Fit Now of Houston. You can rest assured knowing every lesson is designed to teach effective self-defense while maintaining a safe, respectful, helpful environment. Injury-free fitness is our goal!

After just a few sessions, our students tell us they've seen big jumps in discipline, self-confidence and self-esteem, and they feel like the improvements will never stop coming! Training at Krav Fit Now of Houston has given them an unbeatable attitude, pushing them to new achievements at home, in school and at work. You won't just become more fit, you'll be more confident, more secure and happier all around! Why wouldn't you do this? Why wait?

All skill levels are welcome! We'll work with you for the perfect workout for your lifestyle and goals!

We'll make getting in the best physical shape of your life fun! Our techniques are so useful, fast and effective, you'll never want to miss them.

Even if you haven't worked out in years or have never worked out at all, our knowledgeable instructors can help you reach your real-world fitness and self-defense goals! We've assisted countless students to become who they've always wanted to be. Lose weight, get in shape and protect yourself and loved ones! We'll be there for you for every step of journey as you become the person you've always known you could be at no risk.

Krav Maga Training in Houston TX

What are you waiting for? Call us now! What have you got to lose?